Care and Cleaning Instructions for bathroom Furniture fittings

Saneux Furniture Care and Cleaning

To ensure your Saneux furniture looks good for a life time the following care should be taken.

Damage to the laminate or lacquer will enable water ingress which will cause the panel ‘blow’. Avoid contact with sharp objects. Ensure the room is heated and ventilated so the temperature never drops below 5 and exceeds above 35 degrees Celsius and that the humidity remains within 30-75%.

Ensure your furniture is not in contact with steam and if the surface gets wet, dry as soon as possible with of soft dry cloth. Ensure it does not come into contact with cosmetic liquids such as nail varnish, contact lens cleaner hair dyes and strong cleaning chemicals.

The furniture should be cleaned only with a moist soft cloth with a little detergent if needed, and should be dried immediately. Do not use abrasive cloths or cleaners.

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