Care and Cleaning Instructions for Ceramics & Sanitaryware

Ceramic Sanitary Ware Cleaning and Cleaning Instructions

For general cleaning Ceramic can be wiped down with warm soapy water and a cloth.
In hard water areas limescale deposits can build up on the ceramic surface over time.

It is usually light in colour but as it is absorbent it can become discoloured and stained. This is best prevented by regular cleaning with a toilet cleaner containing limescale inhibitor. If the limescale does build up a stronger limescale remover may be used as per the products instructions.

The bowl should be rinsed with water after this process. Care should be taken so that these cleaning products do not come into contact with items such as toilet seats, waste fittings, overflow covers and brassware.

If the product comes into contact with strong chemicals such as caustic soda or bleach the ceramic should be immediately washed.

Care should be taken so that hard or sharp objects are not dropped onto the ceramic that may break or scratch the ceramic surface.

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